Recent Submissions

  • Steering the Metropolis: Metropolitan Governance for Sustainable Urban Development 

    Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat); Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) (2017-10-24)
    A distinctive feature of urbanization in the last 50 years is the expansion of urban populations and built development well beyond what was earlier conceived as the city limit, resulting in metropolitan areas. This is ...
  • Learning Better: Public Policy for Skills Development 

    Busso, Matías; Cristia, Julian P.; Hincapie, Diana; Messina, Julián; Ripani, Laura (2017-08-30)
    Despite governments' best efforts, many people in Latin America and the Caribbean don't have the skills they need to thrive. This book looks at what policies work, and don't work, so that governments can help people learn ...
  • Cashing in on Education: Women, Childcare, and Prosperity in Latin America and the Caribbean 

    Mateo Díaz, Mercedes; Rodríguez Chamussy, Lourdes (The World Bank, 2016-09-29)
    Investments in education across countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have transformed the lives of millions of girls and the prospects of their families and societies. Unleashing the full economic potential of women ...
  • Out of the Border Labyrinth: An Assessment of Trade Facilitation Initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean 

    Volpe Martincus, Christian (2016-12-12)
    Real borders can be thick. They are not dimensionless lines as typically assumed in theoretical models and standard empirical analyses, but a zone populated by agencies that develop and administer regulations firms have ...
  • La política de innovación en América Latina y el Caribe: Nuevos caminos 

    Casaburi, Gabriel; Crespi, Gustavo; De León, Ignacio L.; Fernández, José; Figal Garone, Lucas; Grazzi, Matteo; Guaipatín, Carlos; Katz, Jorge; Llisterri, Juan J.; Maffioli, Alessandro; Navarro, Juan Carlos; Olivari, Jocelyn; Pietrobelli, Carlo; Suaznabar, Claudia; Vargas, Fernando (2016-06-27)
    Este libro desea reflejar el paso de la política de innovación en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC) hacia una etapa de creciente sofisticación y de mayor impacto sobre el desarrollo. Una evolución como esta es en parte ...

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