Apr 2017
Author(s): Agüero, Jorge M.; Frisancho, Verónica
Violence against women takes place mainly in the private sphere and isperpetrated by people close to the victim. These features can introduce large
biases into its reporting in specialized…
Apr 2016
Author(s): Ruprah, Inder J.; Sierra, Ricardo; Sutton, Heather
This paper uses data from the Global School-based Student Health Survey toinvestigate the prevalence of health risk behaviors, in particular substance use, risky sexual behavior, and violence among…
Jun 2014
Author(s): Bando, Rosangela; Gertler, Paul; Galiani, Sebastián
The creation of non-contributory pension schemes is becoming increasingly common as countries struggle to reduce poverty. Drawing on data from Mexico's Adultos Mayores Program (Older Adults…