Jul 2015
Author(s): Gandelman, Néstor
Using micro data on expenditure and income for 17 Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries, this paper presents stylized facts on saving behavior by age, education, income and place of residence…
Apr 2012
Author(s): Cesa-Bianchi, Ambrogio;Pesaran, M. Hashem;Rebucci, Alessandro;Xu, TengTeng
This is the data used for the estimation of the GVAR model as in "China's Emergence in the World Economy and Business Cycles in Latin America" (access the study in the related URL…
Feb 2011
Author(s): Inter American Development Bank
Canadian Impressions pays tribute to Canada and Calgary, Alberta, home of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank. Twelve Canadian artists who were…
Feb 2011
Author(s): Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
Una exhibición que rinde homenaje a Canadá y la ciudad de Calgary, en Alberta, sede de la 52a Reunión Anual de la Asamblea de Gobernadores del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo. Doce artistas…
Dec 2006
Author(s): Chong, Alberto E.
Language serves two key functions. It enables communication between agents, which allows for the establishment and operation of formal and informal institutions. It also serves a less obvious…
Jan 2005
Author(s): Murillo, Maria Victoria;Urízar H., Carmen;Saavedra-Chanduví, Jaime;Menezes-Filho, Naercio Aquino;Ravina, Renato;Fachola, Gabriela;Sanguinetti, Juan;Pazello, Elaine;Kuhn, Peter;Lée, Sigfrido;Cassoni, Adriana;Torero, Máximo;Zegarra, Eduardo;Márquez, Gustavo;Ronconi, Lucas;Zylberstajn, Helio;Tommasi, Mariano;Labadie, Gastón J.;Chahad, Jose Paulo;Johnson, Susan
The subject of labor unions in Latin America provokes a variety of diverse and strongly held views. While some see unions as a way to protect workers' rights and ensure an equitable…
Jan 2005
Author(s): Maloney, William;Lederman, Daniel;Servén, Luis
Analyzing the experience of Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), 'Lessons from NAFTA' aims to provide guidance to Latin American and Caribbean countries considering…
Sep 2002
Author(s): Dymond, William A.;Ritchie Dawson, Laura
This paper attempts to address a number of questions about the dialogue between the public and private sector in the creation of Canadian trade policy.
Sep 2002
Author(s): Dymond, William A.;Ritchie Dawson, Laura
El presente documento pretende abordar una serie de preguntas sobre el diálogo entre los sectores público y privado en relación con la formulación de la política comercial canadiense. Se inicia con…