Oct 2016
Author(s): Japan Research Institute;Multilateral Investment Fund
This report consolidates the key findings from a series of in-depth country-level studies on social entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems in Japan.
Apr 2005
Author(s): Tezuka, Kazuaki
This document is about foreign workers in Japan, the evolution of immigration policy in this country, working conditions and social security. In order to sustain the Japanese economy and its society…
Apr 2004
Author(s): Macchiavello, Luis J.
This document is about Peruvian Japanese migration. Peru was the first country in Latin America to establish diplomatic relations with Japan, and the tenth in the world. At that time just 14…
May 2003
Author(s): Estevadeordal, Antoni
This document discusses the impact of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and their effect on the pattern of trade. Specifically, this document addresses trade liberalization, preferential tariff…
May 2003
Author(s): Estevadeordal, Antoni
Este documento fue comisionado por la Red de Integración y Comercio del Diálogo Regional de Política para la 5a Reunión Hemisférica celebrada los días 14 y 15 de agosto, 2003. Este documento está…