Feb 2014
Author(s): Lendle, Andreas; Olarreaga, Marcelo
Technology made available by online markets has signifcantly reducedthe cost of entry into international markets for small and medium sized
firms, who can now reach far away consumers and…
Dec 2008
Author(s): Calderón, César; Casacuberta, Carlos; Castro, Lucio; Cravino, Javier; Feenstra, Robert C.; Freund, Caroline; Gandelman, Néstor; Hanson, Gordon H.; Kee, Hiau Looi; Lederman, Daniel; Olarreaga, Marcelo; Özden, Çaglar; Perry, Guillermo; Robertson, Raymond; Saslavsky, Daniel; Soloaga, Isidro
The economic successes of China and India are viewed with admiration but also with concern because of the effects that the growth of these Asian economies may have on the Latin American and Caribbean…