Banca para pequeños agricultores a través de alianzas innovadoras

Jan 2014
The agricultural sector has long been the foundation of the Paraguayan economy. The sector directly or indirectly employs nearly a quarter of the population, contributes a fifthof GDP, and accounts for three-quarters of exports. However, growth of the sector is constrained because low-income small farmers, who constitute 84 percent of producers, cannot access credit to expand production. Only 15 percent of the country¿s 242,000 farmers with less than 20 hectares have access to credit, in large part because they have no credit history and cannot document their repayment capacity.
Banco Itapúa SAECA is a Paraguayan financial institution with almost 40 years of experience, mainly in the productive sector. The bank has a strong presence in the interior of the country, with 22 branches in Itapúa, Alto Paraná, Misiones, and other departments where agricultural and livestock production is concentrated. Most of the bank¿s 30,000 clients are small and medium-size producers