Women's Participation in Social Development: Experiences from Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean

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Tantiwiramanond, Darunee;
Valdés, Teresa;
Osawa, Mari;
Blondet, Cecilia;
Vargas, Regina;
Katjasungkana, Nursyahbani;
Chiarotti, Marcela;
Pile, Stephanie;
Rodrigues, Almira;
Pandey, Shashi;
Ganga, Sharda;
Truong, Thanh-Dam;
Kim, Yanghee
Jul 2004
Mokate, Karen Marie
This publication is the fourth in a series that documents experiences in different dimensions of social development and social policy issues in Latin America, the Caribbean and East and Southeast Asia. This series has been orchestrated by the Inter-American Institute for Social Development (INDES) and the Japan Program (JPN) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This volume documents valuable experiences related to the role of women and women's organizations in social development as presented at the workshop "Women's Participation in the Promotion of Social Development: Lessons from Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean", held in Saitama, Japan from October 27-30, 2003. The workshop was organized by INDES and the Japan Program, with ample collaboration from the IDB office in Japan-Tokyo and financial support from the Government of Japan. During the workshop, 26 prominent researchers and practitioners from East and Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as some invited guests formed a cross-regional exchange to discuss women¿s role in the promotion of social development.
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