Third Independent Evaluation of Expanded Project Supervision Report (XPSR) Exercise

Jan 2011
This report evaluates the third exercise of the Expanded Project Supervision Reports (XPSRs), prepared by the Structured and Corporate Finance Department (SCF). The exercise represents a step toward full compliance with the Evaluation Cooperation Group's (ECG) guidelines, which require the validation of the XPSRs the same year they reached Early Operational Maturity (EOM). Based on the agreed schedule between OVE and SCF, this goal should be achieved by the end of 2011. This exercise implies the preparation of 13 XPSRs for all projects that reached EOM in 2008 and 2009. According to this agreed schedule, two additional exercises will be conducted by the end of 2011, one for projects that reached EOM in 2010 and another for projects that will reach EOM in 2011.This report presents the main findings and conclusions from the evaluation exercise. Some specific financial, business or proprietary information has been edited, in compliance with the Bank's Access to Information Policy.