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Dec 2006
Author(s): Cauli, Rita; Villaschi Filho, Arlindo; Blöndal, Ole; Webb, Tobias; Martí, Miguel; Frier, Claus; Barbosa, Víctor; Faccina, Carlos; Holowesko, Lynn P.; Franco, Arturo; Bazán, Rosario; Corral, Antonio; Vives, Antonio; Hodges, Adrian; Thorpe, Jodie; Vergara, Hugo; Halley, David; Gutiérrez, Roberto; Morsing, Mette; Escudero, Manuel; Bird, Sue; Øvlisen, Mads; Ingerslev, Carsten
Proceedings of the Conference on CSR in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean
Dec 2006
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Paris, Angela; Benavides, Juan; Raymond, Peter; Quiroga, Darío; Marcus, Javier
This report sets out an approach and a set of tools for the financial structuring of public-private partnership projects, with a particular application to the potable water and sanitation sector. The…
Sep 2006
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Benavides, Juan; Paris, Angela
This paper emphasizes that the label PPP (public-private partnerships) covers almost all arrangements, as there is always some private and public involvement. PPP is a continuum of options that…
Dec 2005
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Peinado-Vara, Estrella; Teixidó, Soledad; Schwalb, María Matilde; Gutiérrez, Roberto; Pizzolante, Italo; Majluf, Nicolás; Rader, Jim; Austin, James
III Inter American Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility Proceedings,Santiago Chile.
Sep 2005
Author(s): Vives, Antonio
This technical paper determines the extent to which small and medium enterprises (SMEs) behave responsibly, and propose measures to enhance and promote corporate social responsibility in SMEs.…
Dec 2004
Author(s): Austin, James; Peinado-Vara, Estrella; de la Torre, Gustavo; Gutiérrez, Roberto; Tolovi, José; Pizzolante, Italo; Jones, Audra; Vives, Antonio; Lozano, Gerardo; Ogliastri, Enrique; Valenzuela, David
Proceedings from the II Inter-American Conference on CSR, celebrated in Mexico
Dec 2004
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Chong, Alberto E.; Strong, John S.; Guasch, José Luis; Benavides, Juan; Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI); Harris, Stephen; Cohen, Remy; Percoco, Marco
The 2004 IDB Infrastructure Conference Series included four major events that took place in Madrid (January 22-23), Washington, D.C. (February 19-20), Lima (March 27, during the Bank's Annual…
Dec 2003
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Chrisney, Martin D.
This paper discusses a growing consensus in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean about the importance of the efficient management of infrastructure services, not only for economical but…
Oct 2003
Author(s): Beato, Paulina; Vives, Antonio
This working paper discusses infrastructure investment in Latin America at the subnational, private level and challenges incurred in emerging economics. As decentralization and devolution of…
Jan 2003
Author(s): Goldstein Rossotto, Karen; Peterson, Robert J.; Masci, Pietro; Giorgio, Luis Alberto; García, Valeriano F.; West, Derek; Lee, Ruben; Agatiello, Osvaldo R.; Hook, Andrew; Dowers, Kenroy; Sotomayor, Ivan; Gomez-Acebo, Felipe; Corcoran, Andrea M.; Chandler-Crichlow, Catherine; Lubrano, Mike; Kuserk, Gregory J.; Wittich, Georg; Korcsmaros, Kinga; Aggarwal, Reena; Wuertz, Karen K.; Takacs, Hannes; Vives, Antonio; Karmel, Roberta S.; Hobson, Ronald B.; Tafara, Ethiopis; del Valle, Clemente
This book analyzes the status of the markets in Latin America and identifies the technical, political, and financial challenges to building vibrant capital markets and increasing the efficiency…
Dec 2002
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Gutiérrez, Roberto; Jones, Audra; Fischer, Rosa María; Hodges, Adrian; Tavis, Lee; Majano, Ana María; Mendes, Errol; Pinney, Chris; Berger, Gabriel; Reficco, Ezequiel; Heinecke, Amy
Proceedings on the Conference on CSR, celebrated at Miami
Apr 2000
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Rojas, Eduardo; Losada, Carlos; Stein, Ernesto H.; Payne, J. Mark; Febres, Jorge; Echebarría, Koldo; Dowers, Kenroy; Llisterri, Juan J.
This paper discusses the need for a Bank subnational development strategy. The subnational development strategy provides the Bank with a comprehensive framework to support borrowing member countries…
Mar 2000
Author(s): Vives, Antonio
This paper discusses infrastructure investment and the need for private financing, in turn with the trend of pension fund reform. This paper outlines the conditions under which sources and uses of…
Feb 1998
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Rivas, Jorge
This report provides a review of IDB Group activities supporting private participation in infrastructure between 1990 and 1997. It is intended to serve as a reference in the development of its…
Jun 1997
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Staking, Kim B.
This paper discusses the conditions under which policy-based lending may further economic development within a Latin American and Caribbean context, given the current state of financial markets in…
Feb 1997
Author(s): Vives, Antonio
This paper analyzes the reasons countries have for choosing to incorporate the private sector into the provision of infrastructure and will briefly review the modalities in which private sector…
Jan 1997
Author(s): Iglesias, Augusto; Vittas, Dimitri; Stone, Bernel; Cho, Yoon Je; Staking, Kim B.; Shibata, Tsutomu; Kruse, Douglas; Vives, Antonio; Allen, Franklin; Montenegro, Armando; Santomero, Anthony
This book contains a selection of the major presentations from the conference: "Policy-Based Finance and Alternatives for Financial Market Development" held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in…