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Jul 2015
Author(s): Azevedo, Viviane; Baigun, Alejandra; Bouillon, César P.; Duke, Duncan; Gallardo Montoya, María Lourdes
The report answers the question, how has Latin America and the Caribbean's market at the BOP changed during recent years? Using national household and expenditure surveys, the report presents…
Mar 2015
Author(s): Teeple, Jim; Deibert, Michael; Helleranta, Meri; Antón Díaz, Pablo; Azevedo, Viviane; Lalime, Thomas; Santelices, Cristian; Sipp, Caroline
This publication takes stock of the efforts Haiti is making to transform several key sectors. Some are fundamental for economic growth; others are essential for improving its people's living…
Mar 2013
Author(s): Pombo, Cristina; Nicaretta, Romina; Mejía, Francisco; Taboada, Bibiana; Pusterla, Fazia; Meduña, Patricia; Neret, Matilde; Cossens, Shakirah; Díaz, Luis; Toda, Ichiro; Cáceres, Agustin; Azevedo, Viviane; Álvarez, Carola; Betts, Tracy; Echebarría, Koldo
This year, our fourth annual Development Effectiveness Overview (DEO 2012) shows that the implementation of the IDB's Development Effectiveness Framework is yielding positive results. In 2012,…
Mar 2012
Author(s): Azevedo, Viviane; Bertachini, Helio; Cossens, Shakirah; Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu; Díaz, Luis; Ibarrarán, Pablo; Linares, Ana María; Maffioli, Alessandro; Manzano, Gádor; Martinez, Sebastian; McCarthy, Nancy; Meduña, Patricia; Mejía, Francisco; Neret, Matilde; Pusterla, Fazia; Rodríguez, César; Salazar, Lina; Sedlacek, Guilherme Luis; Taboada, Bibiana; Toda, Ichiro; Volpe Martincus, Christian; Winters, Paul
The Development Effectiveness Overview (DEO) is the IDB's annual corporate report that accounts for the effectiveness of its work, stating the results achieved with the implementation of the…
Dec 2010
Author(s): Azevedo, Viviane; Bouillon, César P.
This article reviews evidence on intergenerational social mobility in Latin America. Results indicate that mobility is low in the Region. The evidence also suggests high levels of immobility at the…
Aug 2009
Author(s): Azevedo, Viviane; Bouillon, César P.
This paper reviews evidence on social mobility in Latin America. Several studies have used data sets that collect intergenerational socio economic information. The data, though limited, suggest that…
Jun 2009
Author(s): Azevedo, Viviane; Bouillon, César P.; Yáñez-Pagans, Patricia
Although Mexicos Conditional Cash Transfer Program Oportunidades has increased overall school enrollment, many adolescents do not attend school, especially in urban areas. This paper simulates the…
Aug 2008
Author(s): Robles, Marcos; Azevedo, Viviane
Available only in Spanish
Jan 2008
Author(s): Berkman, Heather; Pagés, Carmen; Gandelman, Néstor; Gandelman, Eduardo; Calónico, Sebastián; Azevedo, Viviane; Payne, J. Mark; Cárdenas, Juan Camilo; Duryea, Suzanne; Chaparro, Juan Camilo; Lora, Eduardo; Ñopo, Hugo R.; Mazza, Jacqueline; Ripani, Laura; Chong, Alberto E.; Polanía, Sandra; Márquez, Gustavo; Bouillon, César P.; León, Gianmarco
This report raises a number of fundamental questions about the multidimensional and interrelated nature of social exclusion and moves beyond the traditional emphasis on outcomes and groups to view…