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Jan 2006
Author(s): Dosman, Edgar J.; Iglesias, Enrique V.; Pollock, David H.; Toye, John; Toye, Richard; Birdsall, Nancy; Love, Joseph L.; Kerner, Daniel; Mallorquín, Carlos
Raúl Prebisch was one of the great figures in Latin America, a dominant regional and international personality since the 1930s, and it is therefore fitting to honor the centenary of his birth in…
Feb 2005
Author(s): Gil, Gilberto; García Canclini, Néstor; Iglesias, Enrique V.
Enrique V. Iglesias (1930-), distinguished Uruguayan economist and statesman, third President of the IDB (1988-2005), founder of the IDB Cultural Center (1992); Néstor García Canclini (see…
Jan 2005
Author(s): Lianos, Theodore P.; Bump, Micah N.; Iglesias, Enrique V.; Kirton, Claremont D.; Solimano, Andrés; Glytsos, Nicholas P.; Hugo, Graeme; Pozo, Susan; Weiss Fagen, Patricia; Jaramillo, María; Wilson, Steven R.; Suro, Roberto; Orozco, Manuel; Bendixen, Sergio; Zárate-Hoyos, Germán A.; Bair, Sheila C.; Terry, Donald F.; St. Onge, Erin; El-Sakka, Mohammed
Beyond Small Change examines the phenomenon of migrant remittances in hopes of contributing to international understanding of remittances, promoting better policies and practices in this area, and…
Nov 2002
Author(s): Iglesias, Enrique V.
Jan 2001
Author(s): Brezina, Carlos V.; Iglesias, Enrique V.; Rodriguez-Rozic, Oscar; Espinosa Carranza, Jorge; Tomassini, Luciano
This overview of the first 40 years of the Inter-American Development Bank shows that the main source of financing for development in Latin America and the Caribbean has been an innovative and…
Jan 1998
Author(s): Rojas-Suárez, Liliana; Birdsall, Nancy; Naím, Moisés; Lora, Eduardo; James, Estelle; Iglesias, Enrique V.; Gavin, Michael; Sabot, Richard H.; Lustig, Nora; Londoño, Juan Luis; Cortázar, René; Graham, Carol; Weisbrod, Steven R.; Hausmann, Ricardo; Coles, Jonathan; Carter, Michael R.; Alfaro, Raquel; Briscoe, John; Sheahan, John; Bradburn, Ralph; Stiglitz, Joseph
Latin American experts demonstrate how market-friendly measures in key policy areas can promote greater equity and efficiency. By identifying win-win strategies, the authors challenge the…
Jan 1993
Author(s): Dosman, Edgar J.; Rosenthal, Gert; Iglesias, Enrique V.; Love, Joseph L.; Pollock, David H.; Bradford, Colin I.; Godoy Arcaya, Oscar; Nun, José; Singer, Hans; Avramovic, Dragoslav; Casas González, Antonio; Williamson, John; Helleiner, Gerald K.; Furtado, Celso
This volume honors Raúl Prebisch's contributions to economic thought and uses his 1970 report Change and Development: Latin America's Great Task as a point of departure for analyzing trends…