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Jan 2008
Author(s): López Córdova, José Ernesto; Olmedo, Alexandra; Cerrutti, Marcela; Parrado, Emilio A.; Esquivel, Gerardo; Huerta-Pineda, Alejandra; Hanson, Gordon H.; Kugler, Maurice; Lotti, Emanuela; McKenzie, David; Rapoport, Hillel; Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Sainz, Tania; Pozo, Susan; Woodruff, Christopher; Orozco, Manuel; Fedewa, Rachel
The IDB's Integration & Trade Journal includes articles on the different aspects of integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, on hemispheric integration and, furthermore, on similar…
Feb 2007
Author(s): Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Sainz, Tania; Pozo, Susan
Workers's remittances to Mexico represent one of Mexico's most important sources of foreign income, only second to petroleum sales. This paper attempts to measure the elasticity or…
Jan 2005
Author(s): Lianos, Theodore P.; Bump, Micah N.; Iglesias, Enrique V.; Kirton, Claremont D.; Solimano, Andrés; Glytsos, Nicholas P.; Hugo, Graeme; Pozo, Susan; Weiss Fagen, Patricia; Jaramillo, María; Wilson, Steven R.; Suro, Roberto; Orozco, Manuel; Bendixen, Sergio; Zárate-Hoyos, Germán A.; Bair, Sheila C.; Terry, Donald F.; St. Onge, Erin; El-Sakka, Mohammed
Beyond Small Change examines the phenomenon of migrant remittances in hopes of contributing to international understanding of remittances, promoting better policies and practices in this area, and…