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Mar 2014
Author(s): Rozemberg, Ricardo; Ramos, Daniela; López, Andrés; Hallak, Juan Carlos; González, Andrea; Bisang, Roberto
This study discusses four cases of public-private collaboration (PPC) in the design and implementation of productive development policies (PDP) in Argentina. We find that PPCs have contributed to the…
Apr 2012
Author(s): Sabel, Charles; Sánchez, Gabriel; Butler, Inés; Rozemberg, Ricardo; Ruffo, Hernán; Arbeláez, María Angélica; Meléndez Arjona, Marcela; León, Nicolás; da Rocha, Angela; Kury, Beatriz; Monteiro, Joana; Agosin, Manuel R.; Bravo Ortega, Claudio; Aragón, Edgar; Darzé, Alexandre; Bonelli, Regis; Pinheiro, Armando Castelar; Snoeck, Michele; Pittaluga, Lucía; Artopoulos, Alejandro; Friel, Daniel; Hallak, Juan Carlos
Export Pioneers in Latin America analyzes a series of case studies of successful new export activities throughout the region to learn how pioneers jump-start a virtuous process leading to economic…
Jan 2011
Author(s): Sánchez, Gabriel; Butler, Inés; Rozemberg, Ricardo
In contrast to the limited impact of aggregate-level productive development policies (PDPs) in Argentina, micro-level PDPs in several sectors have proven highly successful. This study seeks to…