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Oct 2013
Author(s): Bhalla, Kavi; Diez-Roux, Esteban; Taddia, Alejandro Pablo; De la Peña Mendoza, Sissi Maribel; Pereyra, Andrés
Road traffic injuries are a leading cause of death and disability in Latin America. Nevertheless, road safety continues to rank low in national development priorities in the region. Estimates of the…
Mar 2006
Author(s): Pereyra, Andrés; Tansini, Ruben; Garcé, Adolfo; Chasquetti, Daniel; Buquet, Daniel; Moraes, Juan Andrés
This paper analyses the dynamics of policymaking among the various political institutions in Uruguay. The authors find that first, there are relatively stable policies, such as those allowing for…
Jan 2006
Author(s): Murillo, Maria Victoria; Schneider, Ben Ross; Iacoviello, Mercedes; Scartascini, Carlos; Monaldi, Francisco; Payne, J. Mark; Martínez-Gallardo, Cecilia; Stein, Ernesto H.; Echebarría, Koldo; Whitehead, Laurence; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Lora, Eduardo; Filc, Gabriel; Bergara, Mario; Saiegh, Sebastián; Magaldi de Sousa, Mariana; Navarro, Juan Carlos; Mercer-Blackman, Valerie; Pereyra, Andrés; Cárdenas, Mauricio; Tommasi, Mariano; Santiso, Javier; Hughes, Sallie; Zuvanic, Laura; Jones, Mark P.; Clavijo, Laura
This report examines the quality of public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean after more than a decade of political and economic reform. A wide variety of examples and case studies are…