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Mar 2017
Author(s): Rabellotti, Roberta; Giuliani, Elisa; Alexander, Rachel
The aim of this paper is to map Caribbean clusters and identify their specificcharacteristics based on existing literature and available empirical evidence. A
desk review of 32 clusters…
May 2016
Author(s): Boneu, Franco; Alfaro Serrano, David; Maffioli, Alessandro; Pietrobelli, Carlo; Stucchi, Rodolfo; Casaburi, Gabriel; Castillo, Victoria; Figal Garone, Lucas; Giuliani, Elisa; Giuliodori, David; Matta, Andrés; Pittaluga, Lucía; Rodríguez, Alejandro; Rojo, Sofía
Do cluster development programs work? Do they fundamentally encourage the essential inter-firm linkages and coordination? Do they lead to innovation and productivity, enterprise development, larger…
Jul 2013
Author(s): Giuliani, Elisa; Maffioli, Alessandro; Pacheco, Manuel; Pietrobelli, Carlo; Stucchi, Rodolfo
Do the programs that aim to promote and develop industry clusters (also known as Cluster Development Programs) work? Do they have an impact on enterprise development? This paper offers an insight…
Nov 2011
Author(s): Giuliani, Elisa; Pietrobelli, Carlo
Cluster development programs (CDPs) have been adopted widely in many countries worldwide. Many such programs aim to promote economic development by forming and strengthening inter-organizational…
Oct 2006
Author(s): Artola, Ner; Zepeda, Eduardo; Rabellotti, Roberta; Gomes, Raquel; Amighini, Alessia; Maggi Campos, Claudio; Villaschi Filho, Arlindo; Pietrobelli, Carlo; Cassiolato, José Eduardo; Parrilli, Mario Davide; Ruiz Durán, Clemente; Giuliani, Elisa; Lastres, Helena M. M.
Globalization poses the imperative for firms to link with other actors and find new ways to interact and learn from the relationship. Employing original empirical evidence and featuring new case…