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Sep 2012
Author(s): Lora, Eduardo; Fajardo, Johanna
This paper empirically explores the effects of payroll taxes, value-added taxes and corporate income taxes on a variety of labor market outcomes such as employment, unemployment, informality, and…
Dec 2011
Author(s): Lora, Eduardo; Fajardo, Johanna
The main contribution of this paper with respect to previous work is the use of data on subjective perceptions to identify the Latin American middle classes. This paper provides a set of comparisons…
Aug 2011
Author(s): Arbeláez, María Angélica; Camacho, Carolina; Fajardo, Johanna
This paper explores the role played by policy instruments in access to housing finance by low-income households. It also analyzes the impact of housing credit and subsidies on both the quality of…