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Jan 2005
Author(s): Murillo, Maria Victoria; Urízar H., Carmen; Saavedra-Chanduví, Jaime; Menezes-Filho, Naercio Aquino; Ravina, Renato; Fachola, Gabriela; Sanguinetti, Juan; Pazello, Elaine; Kuhn, Peter; Lée, Sigfrido; Cassoni, Adriana; Torero, Máximo; Zegarra, Eduardo; Márquez, Gustavo; Ronconi, Lucas; Zylberstajn, Helio; Tommasi, Mariano; Labadie, Gastón J.; Chahad, Jose Paulo; Johnson, Susan
The subject of labor unions in Latin America provokes a variety of diverse and strongly held views. While some see unions as a way to protect workers' rights and ensure an equitable…
Sep 2002
Author(s): Murillo, Maria Victoria; Tommasi, Mariano; Ronconi, Lucas; Sanguinetti, Juan
This paper considers the effects of trade unions on the education sector in Argentina and the channels of union influence on the performance of this crucial sector. The authors find that those…
Jun 2001
Author(s): Repetto, Fabián; Sanguinetti, Juan
This paper was commissioned for the 1st Meeting of the Poverty Reduction and Social Protection Network held on June 11 and 12, 2001 in Washington, D.C. This paper is the initial systematization of…