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Apr 2014
Author(s): Zeigler, Margaret; Truitt Nakata, Ginya
The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region has a third of the world's fresh water resources, and more than a quarter of the world's medium to high potential farmland. The region as a…
May 2012
Author(s): García Zaballos, Antonio; Truitt Nakata, Ginya
This report is intended to encourage and reinforce the efforts of policymakers and industry stakeholders throughout the region to accelerate broadband deployment. The report has two primary aims. The…
Dec 1999
Author(s): Buvinic, Mayra; Vega, Gabriela; Bertrand, Mauricio; Urban, Anne-Marie; Truitt Nakata, Ginya
This report examines evidence from post-Mitch Central America and disasters in other parts of the world to identify the ways disasters affect women and to highlight women's participation in…