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Jan 2010
Author(s): Scartascini, Carlos; Stein, Ernesto H.; Tommasi, Mariano; Jones, Mark P.; Saiegh, Sebastián; Magaldi de Sousa, Mariana; Martínez-Gallardo, Cecilia; Zuvanic, Laura; Iacoviello, Mercedes; Rodríguez Gusta, Ana Laura; Monaldi, Francisco; Schneider, Ben Ross; Murillo, Maria Victoria; Schrank, Andrew; Hughes, Sallie
Over the past 30 years, democratic freedoms and competitive electoral processes have taken hold as never before in Latin America. How Democracy Works takes a detailed look, from an institutional…
Jan 2006
Author(s): Murillo, Maria Victoria; Schneider, Ben Ross; Iacoviello, Mercedes; Scartascini, Carlos; Monaldi, Francisco; Payne, J. Mark; Martínez-Gallardo, Cecilia; Stein, Ernesto H.; Echebarría, Koldo; Whitehead, Laurence; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Lora, Eduardo; Filc, Gabriel; Bergara, Mario; Saiegh, Sebastián; Magaldi de Sousa, Mariana; Navarro, Juan Carlos; Mercer-Blackman, Valerie; Pereyra, Andrés; Cárdenas, Mauricio; Tommasi, Mariano; Santiso, Javier; Hughes, Sallie; Zuvanic, Laura; Jones, Mark P.; Clavijo, Laura
This report examines the quality of public policies in Latin America and the Caribbean after more than a decade of political and economic reform. A wide variety of examples and case studies are…