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Mar 2018
Author(s): Jaureguiberry, Florencia; Duarte, Jesús
Learning spaces in the schools Latin American children and youth attend are inadequate and distributed unequally, disadvantaging the poorest students and those who attend rural schools.
Mar 2017
Author(s): Duarte, Jesús; Jaureguiberry, Florencia; Racimo, Mariana
The purpose of this analysis is to investigate the characteristics of school infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean, using information from TERCE comparatively around the concepts of…
May 2013
Author(s): Duarte, Jesús; Bos, María Soledad; Moreno, Martín; Morduchowicz, Alejandro
For over thirty years, Chile has been implementing reforms and policies aimed at improving educational efficiency, quality and equity. The latter has been of particular interest over the last decade…
Jun 2012
Author(s): Duarte, Jesús; Gargiulo, Carlos; Millán, Germán; Ruiz Pérez, Laura; Hinojosa, Sergio Alejandro; Moreno, Martín; Bloomgarden, David R.; López Corral, Antonio M.; Fornari, Lucas; de la Garza Reyna, Jaime G.; López, María Adelaida; Taher, Rima; Duckworth-Pilkington, Peter; Cash, Carol S.; Bardone, Andrea; Baza, Jadille; O'Donnell, Sean; Lippman, Peter C.; Jara M., Miguel Angel; Santocono, Ricardo; Hille, R. Thomas
In 2010 the Education Network organized an event that examined the state of school infrastructure in the region and the financial role of the private sector. Infrastructure and Learning in the Twenty…
Apr 2012
Author(s): Duarte, Jesús; Bos, María Soledad; Moreno, Martín
This Technical Note describes the learning inequalities faced by Colombian students and analyzes the equity in the allocation of resources among schools and their relation to learning. Using the…
Mar 2012
Author(s): Willms, J. Douglas; Tramonte, Lucía; Duarte, Jesús; Bos, María Soledad
Researchers have defined and assessed inequalities and inequities in education in various ways, making it difficult to make comparisons among countries or among jurisdictions within countries. This…
Sep 2011
Author(s): Duarte, Jesús; Gargiulo, Carlos; Moreno, Martín
This study explores the state of infrastructure in the region's primary education schools, using the SERCE database, and analyzes the connection between school infrastructure conditions and…
May 2010
Author(s): Duarte, Jesús; Bos, María Soledad; Moreno, Martín
This document analyzes differences in the academic achievement of Latin American students based on the socioeconomic status of their families. Using the database from the Second Regional Comparative…