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Mar 2019
Author(s): Azuara Herrera, Oliver; Azuero, Rodrigo; Bosch, Mariano; Torres, Jesica
Simplified tax regimes reduce both tax rates and compliance costs for small firms. On the one hand, these regimes increase the number of businesses formally registered and have the potential of also…
Jan 2014
Author(s): Vakis, Renos; Paxson, Christina; Marshall, Daniela; Macours, Karen; López Bóo, Florencia; Bravo, David; Bernal, Raquel; Azuero, Rodrigo; Araujo, María Caridad; Behrman, Jere R.; Schady, Norbert
Research from the United States shows that gaps in early cognitive and non-cognitive ability appear early in the life cycle. Little is known about this important question for developing countries.…