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Jan 2019
Author(s): Morrison, Judith; Lustig, Nora; Ratzlaff, Adam
Ethnic and racial gaps in economic outcomes, labor opportunities and access to basic services, such as education and health remain a challenge throughout Latin America. Taxes and public spending are…
Mar 2002
Author(s): Lustig, Nora; Arias, Omar; Rigolini, Jamele
More than a third of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean currently live in poverty. Will the region be able to simultaneously increase economic growth and reduce poverty given its…
Jan 2001
Author(s): Phillips, Katherin Ross; Gertler, Paul; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Attanasio, Orazio P.; Zeller, Manfred; Hopenhayn, Hugo A.; James, Estelle; Ríos-Rull, José-Victor; Jørgensen, Steen Lau; Lustig, Nora; Sadoulet, Elisabeth; Márquez, Gustavo; Nicolini, Juan Pablo; Mesa-Lago, Carmelo; de Janvry, Alain; Van Domelan, Julie
Shielding the Poor presents a group of studies on social protection in the developing world from leading researchers. These studies address the issue of vulnerability of the poor to adverse shocks…
Dec 2000
Author(s): Székely, Miguel; Lustig, Nora; Cumpa, Martin; Mejía-Guerra, José Antonio
This paper tests the sensitivity of poverty indexes to the choice of adult equivalence scales, assumptions about the existence of economies of scale in consumption, methods for treating missing and…
Oct 2000
Author(s): Stern, Nicholas; Lustig, Nora
Experience from the 1990s has led to a poverty reduction agenda that, on top of promoting economic growth, addresses ingrained inequalities, institutional failures, social barriers, and risks.
Feb 2000
Author(s): Lustig, Nora
This paper presents evidence on the impact of economic crisis on poverty and inequality in Latin America. Crises not only result in higher poverty rates but also may cause irreversible damage to the…
Jan 2000
Author(s): Regalia, Ferdinando; Connors, Ellen; Oliva, Carlos; Legovini, Arianna; Duryea, Suzanne; Stein, Ernesto H.; Álvarez, Carola; Mcphail, Heather; Deutsch, Ruthanne; Chakraborty, Shanka; Lustig, Nora; Echeverría, Ruben G.; Márquez, Gustavo; Bouillon, César P.; Charvériat, Céline; Morrison, Andrew; Kazan, Alexander; Salazar, Héctor
The objective of this book is to provide policy recommendations to reduce the economic vulnerability of the poor to adverse shocks and help them cope with income downturns. The authors suggest that,…
Jun 1998
Author(s): Lustig, Nora
This discussusion paper deciphers how poverty and income distribution were affected by economic shocks in the Latin American region. Empirical evidence suggests that macroeconomic shocks can result…
Jan 1998
Author(s): Rojas-Suárez, Liliana; Birdsall, Nancy; Naím, Moisés; Lora, Eduardo; James, Estelle; Iglesias, Enrique V.; Gavin, Michael; Sabot, Richard H.; Lustig, Nora; Londoño, Juan Luis; Cortázar, René; Graham, Carol; Weisbrod, Steven R.; Hausmann, Ricardo; Coles, Jonathan; Carter, Michael R.; Alfaro, Raquel; Briscoe, John; Sheahan, John; Bradburn, Ralph; Stiglitz, Joseph
Latin American experts demonstrate how market-friendly measures in key policy areas can promote greater equity and efficiency. By identifying win-win strategies, the authors challenge the…
Jan 1997
Author(s): Talvi, Ernesto; Serra, Pablo; Birdsall, Nancy; Pack, Howard; Solimano, Andrés; Stallings, Barbara; Gavin, Michael; Sabot, Richard H.; Lustig, Nora; Petrei, Humberto; Edwards, Sebastián; Hausmann, Ricardo; Jaspersen, Frederick; Cunha, Paulo Vieira da; Thomas, Vinod; Shirley, Mary M.; Page, John; Howard, Eleanor; Pfeffermann, Guy; Ross, David; Shilling, John; Boeker, Paul; Lee, Jisoon; Bitran Colodro, Eduardo
The authors of this volume analyze the policies that led to East Asia's economic success, including those affecting human resources, savings, the financial sector, trade and institutions, and…
Jan 1994
Author(s): Camargo, José Márcio; Scheinkman, José A.; Werneck, Rogério L.F.; de Barros, Ricardo Paes; Ranis, Gustav; Velasco, Andrés; Bourguignon, François; Thorp, Rosemary; Figueroa, Adolfo; Lustig, Nora; Marcel, Mario; Maxfield, Sylvia; Malan, Pedro S.
This book addresses questions of international trade policy and the relationship between growth, distribution, and human resource development in the Latin American region.