Review of the Pilot Phase of the IDB's New Recommendations Tracking System

Hanz-Martin Bohemer
Sep 2015
Since the establishment of the Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE) in 1999, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has made significant strides in meeting the good practice standards established by the Evaluation Co-operation Group (ECG) that represents the evaluation arms of the major multilateral development banks (MDBs). At the same time, the Panel concluded that "because feedback and learning loops are weak, the IDB evaluation system is not achieving its goal of contributing to the improvement of development results." The panel noted the absence of a tracking system for recommendations from evaluations and included in its recommendations the development of such a system as a matter of urgency to improve the follow-up to recommendations. The proposed objectives for such a system focused on the panel's findings of the need for a deeper interaction between management and OVE, as well as a stronger accountability tool for the implementation of recommendations endorsed by the IDB's Board.