Sep 2009
Author(s): International Youth Foundation;Inter American Development Bank
This report evaluates the results of the first phase of the entra 21 program. It describes how 35 locally executed projects have implemented varying strategies to train some 19,000 young people,…
Dec 2004
Author(s): Mesquita Moreira, Mauricio;Shearer, Matthew;Cornejo, Rafael;Harris, Jeremy;Winter, Lucas;Covarrubias, María de la Paz
Preliminary estimates by the IDB indicate that the growth of Latin American exports in 2004 will be the highest in the last two decades, reaching 23 percent.
May 2004
Author(s): Crawley, Andrew;Vignoles, Christopher;Jessen, Anneke;Vodusek, Ziga;Ferrero, Lucas;Brenner, Yann;Covarrubias, María de la Paz
The purpose of this document is to inform Bank staff and other interested parties about recent developments in integration and trade among the countries of the Western Hemisphere and between these…
Dec 2003
Author(s): Cornejo, Rafael;Jessen, Anneke;Shearer, Matthew;Vignoles, Christopher;Covarrubias, María de la Paz
Total Western Hemisphere exports to the world increased by 5 percent in 2003, according to preliminary estimates by the IDB's Integration, Trade and Hemispheric Issues Division. This marks a…
Dec 2002
Author(s): Crawley, Andrew;Cornejo, Rafael;Covarrubias, María de la Paz
Total Western Hemisphere exports to the world fell by over 6 percent in 2002, continuing the decline recorded in 2001 but at a lower rate. The international recovery evident in early 2002…