Jul 2019
Author(s): Ardanaz, Martín; Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Izquierdo, Alejandro; Puig, Jorge
Fiscal adjustment episodes tend to be accompanied by large public investment cuts, contributing to the well-documented pro-cyclical bias in public capital expenditures. We study patterns of public…
Nov 2018
Author(s): Mooney, Henry; Wright, Allan; Grenade, Kari
Fiscal councils are among the most recent innovations in terms of the architecture of fiscal institutions. This paper provides an overview of the history and evolution of these institutions, research…
Feb 2017
Author(s): Wright, Allan; Grenade, Kari; Scott-Joseph, Ankie
This study contends that Caribbean countries cannot adequately surmount their fiscal and debt challenges in the absence of binding rules that are geared toward entrenching fiscal discipline, curbing…
Nov 2016
Author(s): Espinasa, Ramón; Medina, Ramón; Tarre, Gustavo
Este estudio tiene como objeto comparar los marcos regulatorios de América Latina, centrándose en Brasil, Colombia, México y Venezuela, con la finalidad comprender cómo afectan el panorama petrolero.
May 2016
Author(s): Ter-Minassian, Teresa; de Mello Jr, Luiz R.
To a large extent, policy outcomes are shaped by governance, including institutional arrangements and forums for cooperation among and within different layers of government. In turn, the…
Jan 2016
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Malcolm, Xavier
The buildup of debt in Jamaica has been concurrent with the country's sloweconomic growth, and the issues are intertwined. High debt slows economic
growth, and slow economic growth makes…