Jun 2019
Author(s): Bernales, Alejandro; Beuermann, Diether; Cumming, Douglas; Olid, Christian
Relatively little is known about the effects of blue-collar crime (theft, robbery, vandalism or arson) on financial decisions. Previous literature has focused its attention either on 'regional…
Jun 2018
Author(s): Watson Williams, Carol
This study was specifically designed to collect information on women’s health and their experiences of violence in Jamaica. A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was used to collect…
Mar 2018
Author(s): Watson Williams, Carol
The dataset comes from the 2016 Women's Health Survey for Jamaica, a national, quantitative, cross-sectional survey of targeting women ages 15 to 64. The household survey resulted in 1,340…
Mar 2018
Author(s): Pemberton, Cecile; Joseph, Joel
The dataset comes from the 2017 National Women's Health Survey for Trinidad and Tobago, a national, quantitative, cross-sectional survey of 1,079 women ages 15 to 64.
Feb 2018
Author(s): Pemberton, Cecile; Joseph, Joel
This report presents the first nationally representative estimates of the prevalence of intimate partner violence (IPV) and non-partner sexual violence (NPSV) against women in Trinidad and Tobago.…
Oct 2016
Author(s): Khadan, Jeetendra; Hosein, Roger
This paper estimates the trade, revenue, and welfare effects of the proposedCaribbean Community (CARICOM)-Canada free trade agreement (FTA) on
CARICOM countries using a partial equilibrium…
Sep 2016
Author(s): Khadan, Jeetendra; Ruprah, Inder J.; Schmid, Juan Pedro; Wright, Allan; Gomez Osorio, Camilo; Waithe, Kimberly; Wenner, Mark D.; Clarke, Dillon; Thomas, Chrystol; Pradelli, Juan Jose; Okey, Onoh-Obasi
British voters surprised the world when they voted to leave the European Union in June 2016. Markets reacted heavily to the surprise, resulting in high volatility in all major stock indices as well…
Jul 2016
Author(s): Wenner, Mark D.; Clarke, Dillon
Chinese and Caribbean economic relations have deepened over the past decade and a half. The paper analyzes the impetus for China's foreign economic policy to reach out to developing regions such…
Sep 2015
Author(s): Vriniotis, Mary
While crime and violence are major global concerns, they are notoriously difficult to study, particularly in the developing world. Many crimes are never reported to police, and in many countries…
Nov 2014
Author(s): Beuermann, Diether; Amelina, Maria
This paper provides the first experimental evaluation of the participatory budgeting model showing that it increased public participation in the process of public decision making, increased local tax…
Oct 2014
Author(s): Beuermann, Diether; Ruprah, Inder J.; Sierra, Ricardo
This policy brief answers three main questions for the Jamaican economy: (a) Do remittances act as a safety net during negative health shocks? (b) Are remittances subject to moral hazard by receivers…