Oct 2009
Author(s): International Youth Foundation;Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo
El informe final de la primera fase del Programa entra21 ilustra cómo 35 proyectos ejecutados localmente han desarrollado distintas estrategias, para formar y capacitar a más de 19.000 jóvenes,…
Sep 2009
Author(s): International Youth Foundation;Inter American Development Bank
This report evaluates the results of the first phase of the entra 21 program. It describes how 35 locally executed projects have implemented varying strategies to train some 19,000 young people,…
Apr 2009
Author(s): Muñoz, Alberto
Primera Reunión del Clúster de Franquicias: Medellín, Colombia 28-29 abril 2009
Jun 2007
Author(s): Cortázar, René
The objectives of improving competitiveness and reducing unemployment, in particular among the young and women, are a part of the economic and the political agenda of most Caribbean countries.…
May 2007
Author(s): Moss-Solomon, James
This presentation was part of the "Opportunities for the Majority in the Caribbean", IDB Seminar, held in Jamaica in 2007. It calls for increased opportunities for sustainable growth,…
Apr 2004
Author(s): Darling, Arthur H.;Beato, Paulina
The Bank is receiving an increasing number of requests from state and municipal governments to finance publicly owned convention centers. This paper suggests that few of these projects will bring the…