Mar 2017
Author(s): Rabellotti, Roberta; Giuliani, Elisa; Alexander, Rachel
The aim of this paper is to map Caribbean clusters and identify their specific characteristics based on existing literature and available empirical evidence. A desk review of 32 clusters distributed…
Oct 2010
Author(s): Baz, Verónica; Capelo, Maria Cristina; Centeno, Rodrigo; Estrada, Ricardo
While Mexico has potential to grow rapidly, its economic growth has remained low for the past three decades. There is no consensus on the country's development path or on how to achieve specific…
Sep 2008
Author(s): Capelo, Maria Cristina
This presentation overviews productive development policies (PDPs) in Mexico and proposes an strategy to strengthen its aeronautic industry.
Dec 2006
Author(s): Venables, Anthony J.; Maloney, William; Kokko, Ari; Bravo Ortega, Claudio; Lederman, Daniel; Rigobón, Roberto; De Gregorio, José; Czelusta, Jesse; Jayasuriya, Shamila A.; Blomström, Magnus; Xu, L. Colin; Ludema, Rodney; Manzano, Osmel; Martin, Will; Cuddington, John T.; Wright, Gavin
'Natural Resources: Neither Course nor Destiny' brings together a variety of analytical perspectives, ranging from econometric analyses of economic growth to historical studies of…
Jan 2005
Author(s): Pietrobelli, Carlo; Rabellotti, Roberta
El presente estudio presenta algunas de las lecciones que se desprenden de la experiencia, así como recomendaciones de políticas que apoyan el progreso competitivo de las pymes en el mercado global.…