Jun 2018
Author(s): Miller, Sebastián J.
This policy brief presents a summary of the country development challenges.
Jun 2018
Author(s): Miller, Sebastián J.
Este resumen de política presenta una síntesis de los desafíos de desarrollo que enfrenta Chile.
Oct 2014
Author(s): Miller, Sebastián J.; Caruso, Germán
This study estimates the effects of the 1970 Ancash earthquake on human capital accumulation on the affected and subsequent generation, 37 years after the shock, using the Peruvian censuses of 1993…
Apr 2014
Author(s): Vela, Mauricio A.; Miller, Sebastián J.
This paper studies the allocation of total disaster risk reduction public spending among regions in Peru. The main objective of this work is to identify the main determinants of the distribution of…
Oct 2013
Author(s): Miller, Sebastián J.; Bastos, Paulo
The increased occurrence of extreme weather conditions leading to drought is a key development challenge. This paper studies how these extreme events interact with the political process at the local…