Apr 2019
Author(s): Paredes, Gabriela; Munguia, Sindy
Jun 2018
Author(s): Stein, Ernesto H.; Cornick, Jorge; Fernández-Arias, Eduardo; Rivas, Gonzalo
Productive development policies (PDPs) are notoriously hard. They involve a daunting level of technical detail, require public-private collaboration, are in constant danger of capture, and demand…
Dec 2016
Author(s): Cornick, Jorge; Trejos, Alberto
This paper explores the development of public sector capabilities for Productive Development Policies in Costa Rica through four case studies of successful experiences, with less successful cases…
Mar 2016
Author(s): Cornick, Jorge; Fernández-Arias, Eduardo; Stein, Ernesto H.
This paper discusses the organizational structure and technical, operational and political capabilities required for successful productive development policies (PDPs). It also discusses how…
Dec 2009
Author(s): van Praag, Bernard M.S.; Gandelman, Néstor; Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada; Ham, Andrés; Lora, Eduardo; Tetaz, Martín; Medina, Carlos; Sanguinetti, Pablo; Cruces, Guillermo; Piani, Giorgina; Alcázar, Lorena; Powell, Andrew; Núñez, Jairo; Ferre, Zuleika; Andrade, Raúl; Robalino, Juan; Madrigal, Róger; Hall, Luis J.; Morales, Leonardo
A growing number of cities around the world have established systems for monitoring the quality of urban life. Many of those systems combine objective information with subjective opinions and cover a…