Apr 2019
Author(s): Paredes, Gabriela; Munguia, Sindy
Dec 2016
Author(s): Cornick, Jorge; Trejos, Alberto
This paper explores the development of public sector capabilities for Productive Development Policies in Costa Rica through four case studies of successful experiences, with less successful cases…
Jan 2016
Author(s): Monge-González, Ricardo
This technical note presents a detailed review of Costa Rica's recent innovation policy. It discusses how far Costa Rica is from having innovation ecosystems (human networks that generate…
Dec 2013
Author(s): Rodríguez-Álvarez, Juan Antonio; Monge-González, Ricardo
This paper estimates the impact of two productive development programs (PDPs) in Costa Rica: PROPYME and CR Provee. The first seeks to increase the capacity of small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) to…
Sep 2011
Author(s): Monge-González, Ricardo; Rodríguez-Álvarez, Juan Antonio; Hewitt, John; Orozco, Jeffrey; Ruiz, Keynor
This paper studies the degree to which innovation by Costa Rican manufacturing firms creates or displaces employment, how different innovation strategies affect employment, and how these effects vary…
Dec 2009
Author(s): van Praag, Bernard M.S.; Gandelman, Néstor; Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada; Ham, Andrés; Lora, Eduardo; Tetaz, Martín; Medina, Carlos; Sanguinetti, Pablo; Cruces, Guillermo; Piani, Giorgina; Alcázar, Lorena; Powell, Andrew; Núñez, Jairo; Ferre, Zuleika; Andrade, Raúl; Robalino, Juan; Madrigal, Róger; Hall, Luis J.; Morales, Leonardo
A growing number of cities around the world have established systems for monitoring the quality of urban life. Many of those systems combine objective information with subjective opinions and cover a…
Oct 2006
Author(s): Artola, Ner; Zepeda, Eduardo; Rabellotti, Roberta; Gomes, Raquel; Amighini, Alessia; Maggi Campos, Claudio; Villaschi Filho, Arlindo; Pietrobelli, Carlo; Cassiolato, José Eduardo; Parrilli, Mario Davide; Ruiz Durán, Clemente; Giuliani, Elisa; Lastres, Helena M. M.
Globalization poses the imperative for firms to link with other actors and find new ways to interact and learn from the relationship. Employing original empirical evidence and featuring new case…