Aug 2019
Author(s): Ardanaz, Martín; Hallerberg, Mark; Scartascini, Carlos
Do voters punish governments that introduce fiscal “austerity” measures? If so, does voter response vary according to the design (composition) of fiscal adjustments? What determines the timing of…
Dec 2012
Author(s): Palanza, Valeria; Scartascini, Carlos; Tommasi, Mariano
This paper proposes an agenda for the study of the determinants and the processes by which strong policymaking institutions emerge, with emphasis on the most central democratic institution: the…
Dec 2010
Author(s): Bastos, Paulo; Castro, Lucio; Cristia, Julian P.; Scartascini, Carlos
This paper exploits unique features of a recently introduced tariff schedule for natural gas in Buenos Aires to estimate the short-run impact of price shocks on residential energy utilization. The…
Mar 2010
Author(s): Johnson, Gerard
Gerard Johnson spoke at the 2nd annual Private Sector Organization of Jamaica's (PSOJ) Chairman's Club Forum
Mar 2010
Author(s): Tommasi, Mariano; Scartascini, Carlos; Stein, Ernesto H.
The capacity to sustain policies over time and the capacity to adjust policies in the face of changing circumstances are two desirable properties of policymaking systems. The veto player approach has…
Dec 2008
Author(s): Scartascini, Carlos; Stein, Ernesto H.; Tommasi, Mariano
This paper introduces preliminary evidence from a cross-country database of policy characteristics and potential uses of that database. While most databases have emphasized either the content of…
Sep 2007
Author(s): Scartascini, Carlos
Public policies are the outcome of the interaction among a variety of key political actors, each with its own preferences and incentives, who meet in different arenas and interact within the…
Mar 2002
Author(s): Panizza, Ugo; Lora, Eduardo
The future of structural reforms in Latin America is under discussion. The purpose of this document is to synthesize the facts and opinions that underlie this debate. The first section shows that…
Mar 2002
Author(s): Panizza, Ugo; Lora, Eduardo
El futuro de las reformas estructurales se encuentra en discusión en América Latina. Este documento tiene por objeto ofrecer una síntesis de los hechos y opiniones que están alimentando este debate.…