Sep 2017
Author(s): Bando, Rosangela; Galiani, Sebastián; Gertler, Paul
Public expenditures on non-contributory pensions are equivalent to at least onepercent of GDP in several countries in Latin America and is expected to increase. We explore the effect of non-…
Jun 2014
Author(s): Bando, Rosangela; Gertler, Paul; Galiani, Sebastián
The creation of non-contributory pension schemes is becoming increasingly common as countries struggle to reduce poverty. Drawing on data from Mexico's Adultos Mayores Program (Older Adults…
Jan 2014
Author(s): Ajzenman, Nicolás; Galiani, Sebastián; Seira, Enrique
There are few reliable estimates of the effects of violence on economic outcomes. This study exploits the manifold increase in homicides in 2008-2011 in Mexico resulting from its war on organized…
Jun 2010
Author(s): Cavallo, Eduardo A.; Noy, Ilan; Pantano, Juan; Galiani, Sebastián
This paper examines the short and long-run average causal impact of catastrophic natural disasters on economic growth by combining information from comparative case studies. The counterfactual of the…
Apr 2007
Author(s): Duryea, Suzanne; Galiani, Sebastián; Piras, Claudia; Ñopo, Hugo R.
This paper analyzes the evolution of gender differences in school attendance and attainment in Latin America and the Caribbean, for both adults who left the educational system and children in school…
May 2002
Author(s): Di Tella, Rafael; Galiani, Sebastián; Schargrodsky, Ernesto
Crime levels have risen significantly in Argentina during recent years. In this study, we analyze the relationship between crime victimization and income distribution.