Jun 2012
Author(s): Caro, Lorena; Galindo, Arturo; Meléndez Arjona, Marcela
This paper explores the links between labor formality, access to credit and firm performance in Colombia using Annual Manufacturing Survey data for the period 2000-2009. A significant though small…
Oct 2010
Author(s): Galiani, Sebastián; Jaitman, Laura
TRAZAR program (from traceability in English) is a very successful example of the application of ICT methods in rural areas to increase the efficiency and potentialities of small/medium-scale cattle…
Aug 2010
Author(s): Giordano, Paolo; Watanuki, Masakazu; Durán Lima, José; Ludeña, Carlos E.; Alvarez, Mariano; de Miguel, Carlos; Wong, Sara; Arguello, Ricardo; Terra, María Inés; Bucheli, Marisa; Laens, Silvia; Estrades, Carmen; Chisari, Omar O.; Maquieyra, Javier; Romero, Carlos; Ferreira Filho, Joaquim Bento de Souza; Medvedev, Denis; van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique; Tourinho, Octávio Augusto Fontes; Kume, Honorio; Pedroso, Ana Cristina de Souza
This book contains a selection of studies discussed at the first and second Regional Meetings on Computable General Equilibrium, which were held, respectively, in Santiago, Chile on 13 and 14 April…
Feb 2009
Author(s): Galindo, Arturo; Pinzon, Mauricio
This database for Revelation of Expectations in Latin America (REVELA) was updated to March 2009. It includes data on inflation, growth, fiscal deficit, interest rate and other variables for each…
Nov 2008
Author(s): Giordano, Paolo; Florez, Victoria
Esta investigación pretende cubrir esta brecha repasando la literatura relevante sobre los efectos distributivos de la liberalización comercial en América Latina. Más específicamente, el trabajo se…
Oct 2006
Author(s): Galindo, Arturo; Izquierdo, Alejandro; Montero, José Manuel
This paper uses a panel dataset on industrial employment and trade for 9 Latin American countries for which liability dollarization data at the industrial level is available. It tests whether real…
May 2002
Author(s): Di Tella, Rafael; Galiani, Sebastián; Schargrodsky, Ernesto
Crime levels have risen significantly in Argentina during recent years. In this study, we analyze the relationship between crime victimization and income distribution.