Jul 2016
Author(s): Wenner, Mark D.; Clarke, Dillon
Chinese and Caribbean economic relations have deepened over the past decade and a half. The paper analyzes the impetus for China's foreign economic policy to reach out to developing regions such…
Dec 2012
Author(s): Ruta, Michele; Venables, Anthony J.; Rozenwurcel, Guillermo; Katz, Sebastián; Piñeiro, Martín; Bianchi, Eduardo; Arellano, José Pablo; Perrone, Nicolás Marcelo; Hamanaka, Shintaro; Tafgar, Aiken; Dos Santos, Enestor; Zignago, Soledad; Cavalcanti, Carlos Eduardo G.; Meloni Nassar, André; Santa Gadea, Rosario; Messere, Vanina; Gómez Minujín, Gala
The last decade has seen a significant increase in the exports of several Latin American and Caribbean countries to destinations within and beyond the region. The increase in trade links has not,…
Dec 2012
Author(s): Bianchi, Eduardo; Piñeiro, Martín; Venables, Anthony J.; Zignago, Soledad; Rozenwurcel, Guillermo; Ruta, Michele; Arellano, José Pablo; Cavalcanti, Carlos Eduardo G.; Meloni Nassar, André; Katz, Sebastián; Perrone, Nicolás Marcelo; Santa Gadea, Rosario; Tafgar, Aiken; Gómez Minujín, Gala; Dos Santos, Enestor; Messere, Vanina; Hamanaka, Shintaro
En el último decenio se verifica un significativo incremento de las exportaciones de varios países de América Latina y el Caribe, hacia destinos dentro y fuera de la región. Dicho incremento de los…
Mar 2005
Author(s): Nakasone, Robert T.
This document is about immigration on China and India. Explain also about the term "Uchinanchu" used to describe people from Okinawa.