Nov 2002
Author(s): Vives, Antonio; Gutiérrez, Roberto; Jones, Audra; Fischer, Rosa María; Hodges, Adrian; Tavis, Lee; Majano, Ana María; Mendes, Errol; Pinney, Chris; Berger, Gabriel; Reficco, Ezequiel; Heinecke, Amy
Proceedings on the Conference on CSR, celebrated at Miami
Aug 2002
Author(s): Galindo, Arturo; Schiantarelli, Fabio
This paper summarizes and discusses new evidence on the nature, extent, evolution and consequences of financing constraints in Latin America; this evidence is drawn from a recent series of papers.…
Apr 2002
Author(s): Galindo, Arturo; Schiantarelli, Fabio; Weiss, Andrew
In this paper, It has been addressed this question using firm-level panel data from 12 developing countries. It was also developed a summary index of the efficiency of investment allocation that…