Oct 2013
Author(s): Ruprah, Inder J.; Sierra, Ricardo
In this policy brief, we review the laments of Caribbean businesspersons. We find that subjective perceptions are rooted in an objective reality. Businesspersons do not complain gratuitously.…
Oct 2010
Author(s): Baz, Verónica; Capelo, Maria Cristina; Centeno, Rodrigo; Estrada, Ricardo
While Mexico has potential to grow rapidly, its economic growth has remained low for the past three decades. There is no consensus on the country's development path or on how to achieve specific…
Aug 2010
Author(s): Giordano, Paolo; Watanuki, Masakazu; Durán Lima, José; Ludeña, Carlos E.; Alvarez, Mariano; de Miguel, Carlos; Wong, Sara; Arguello, Ricardo; Terra, María Inés; Bucheli, Marisa; Laens, Silvia; Estrades, Carmen; Chisari, Omar O.; Maquieyra, Javier; Romero, Carlos; Ferreira Filho, Joaquim Bento de Souza; Medvedev, Denis; van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique; Tourinho, Octávio Augusto Fontes; Kume, Honorio; Pedroso, Ana Cristina de Souza
This book contains a selection of studies discussed at the first and second Regional Meetings on Computable General Equilibrium, which were held, respectively, in Santiago, Chile on 13 and 14 April…
Sep 2008
Author(s): Capelo, Maria Cristina
This presentation overviews productive development policies (PDPs) in Mexico and proposes an strategy to strengthen its aeronautic industry.