Dec 2018
Author(s): Martinez, Sebastian; Bernal, Pedro
Maintaining high standards of care from doctors, nurses and other health professionals is of critical importance for an effective and efficient health system. Yet deficient levels of health worker…
Jan 2018
Author(s): Bernal, Pedro; Martinez, Sebastian; Celhay, Pablo
This document contains the appendices to "Is Results-Based Aid More Effective than Conventional Aid? Evidence from the Health Sector in El Salvador".
Jan 2018
Author(s): Bernal, Pedro; Martinez, Sebastian; Celhay, Pablo
Results-based aid (RBA) models link funds to outcomes, rather than paying for inputs. Despite their theoretical appeal and recent adoption by donors and multilateral development banks, there is…
May 2017
Author(s): Martinez, Sebastian; Galiani, Sebastián; Gálvez, Ramiro H.
La Estrategia de Fortalecimiento de Cobertura en Panamá utiliza un modelo de pago por desempeño para incentivar la provisión de servicios de calidad en poblaciones con alto grado de marginación, con…
Apr 2016
Author(s): Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu; Martinez, Sebastian
Development programs that use financial incentives to motivate better performance are increasingly used by governments, multilaterals and private donors as alternatives to traditional input-based…
Aug 2014
Author(s): Tristao, Ignez; Cali, Jonathan
The Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) region has experienced dramatic gains in health and life expectancy in the past century. Yet hundreds of millions of people in the region are still at risk of…
Feb 2014
Author(s): Planas, Maria Elena; García, Patricia J.; Bustelo, Monserrat; Cárcamo, Cesar; Ñopo, Hugo R.; Martinez, Sebastian; Merino, María Fernanda; Morrison, Andrew
This study aims to evaluate whether health providers in Peru might be contributing to ethnic health disparities in the provision of family planning services, by comparing providers' adherence to…
Dec 2013
Author(s): Bossert, Thomas; Blanchet, Nathan; Sheetz, Suzanne; Pinto, Diana M.; Cali, Jonathan; Perez-Cuevas, Ricardo
This technical note presents a comparative analysis of Latin America's fragmented health systems. It provides a detailed account of health system fragmentation along six dimensions (…