Mar 2019
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro
Jamaica tuvo que enfrentar la crisis financiera mundial del 2008 con una economía débil y altos niveles de deuda. En esta coyuntura económica, la situación fiscal de Jamaica se hizo insostenible. A…
May 2018
Author(s): Mooney, Henry; Schmid, Juan Pedro
This policy brief presents a summary of the development challenges facing the country.
Dec 2016
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro
Jamaica entered the world economic downturn in 2008 from a position of ongoing weak economic performance and high, increasing debt levels. As a result, Jamaica's fiscal situation quickly became…
Jan 2016
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Malcolm, Xavier
The buildup of debt in Jamaica has been concurrent with the country's sloweconomic growth, and the issues are intertwined. High debt slows economic
growth, and slow economic growth makes…
Apr 2015
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro
The worldwide fight against money laundering (AML) is escalating. Individuals and businesses that conduct and depend on legitimate international financial transactions are feeling the impact of…
Dec 2014
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Malcolm, Xavier
This brief presents simulations of an Ebola scare in the Caribbean, including three highly tourism-dependent economies, The Bahamas, Barbados, and Jamaica. On the basis of the experience of Mexico in…
Jan 2014
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro
Jamaica's fiscal and debt position has long been recognized as a major issue for the country, and the country has made several attempts to resolve this challenge by increasing revenue or…
Dec 2013
Author(s): Nugent, Stevonne; Schmid, Juan Pedro
Jamaican firms are constantly plagued by a number of issues that restrict their ability to grow. The World Bank's Enterprise Survey examined the key indicators to give insight on the business…
Nov 2013
Author(s): Nugent, Stevonne; Schmid, Juan Pedro
Jamaica is projected to exit a prolonged recession that has left deep scars in the socioeconomic conditions of the country. Besides increasing macroeconomic vulnerabilities and halting economic…