Sep 2019
Author(s): Schmid, Juan Pedro; Wright, Allan; Bollers, Elton; Khadan, Jeetendra; Smets, Lodewijk; Mooney, Henry; Giles Álvarez, Laura; Waithe, Kimberly; Gauto, Victor; Zegarra, Maria Alejandra; Christie, Jason; Gomes, Zandra ; Baboolal, Denesh; Montano, Robin
Welcome to the September 2019 Caribbean Region Quarterly Bulletin. Infrastructure is the lifeblood of a country. However, low, and even declining, investments, insufficient maintenance and extreme…
Mar 2017
Author(s): Khadan, Jeetendra; Pradelli, Juan Jose; Schmid, Juan Pedro; Wenner, Mark D.; Wright, Allan; Clarke, Dillon; Waithe, Kimberly
This Caribbean Region Quarterly Bulletin explores constraints to private sector development in the Caribbean. With economic growth weak and dependent on only a few sectors -either tourism or…
Nov 2016
Author(s): Calixter, Abner Luis; Arrasate, María Ignacia; Georgoulias, Andreas; Taddia, Alejandro Pablo; Ramirez, Maria Cecilia; Watkins, Graham George; Meller, Hendrik
This evaluation applies the Envision Rating System on the Northern Section of the Mário Covas Rodoanel Project in Brazil.