Mar 2012
Author(s): Gandelman, Néstor; Rasteletti, Alejandro
This paper examines the effect of bank credit on employment formalization in Uruguay. Using a difference-in-differences methodology proposed by Catão, Pagés and Rosales (2011), the paper finds that…
Apr 2010
Author(s): Durante, Juan José; Focke, Kurt S.; Collich, Guillermo J.; Marcel, Mario; Andersen, Torben
The Latin American and Caribbean region is highly exposed to natural disasters. The social and economic impact of these events has been historically very significant and it is showing an increasingly…
Feb 2004
Author(s): Reis, José Guilherme A.; Valadares, Sílvia M.
Este trabalho analisa alguns dos principais obstáculos ao desenvolvimento do sistema financeiro brasileiro, ressaltando as medidas implementadas recentemente e indicando propostas para dar…
Mar 2003
Author(s): Smith, Jeremy
Presentación acerca de las remesas comunitarias en el cual se da a conocer el programa piloto de USAID en México. Asimismo, define el concepto de las remesas comunales y productivas.
Nov 2001
Author(s): Andersen, Torben
The report makes a general assessment of the need for catastrophe risk transfer in Latin America and the Caribbean. It analyzes different ways in which risk transfer can take place in the form of…