Mar 2013
Author(s): Di Tata, Juan Carlos; Puerta, Juan Manuel; Gray, Cheryl; Reichmann, Thomas; Suarez, David
One of the most debated parts of the IDB-9 Agreement was the requirement that the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB or Bank) enhance its macroeconomic analysis and link it to its country…
Apr 2010
Author(s): Durante, Juan José; Focke, Kurt S.; Collich, Guillermo J.; Marcel, Mario; Andersen, Torben
The Latin American and Caribbean region is highly exposed to natural disasters. The social and economic impact of these events has been historically very significant and it is showing an increasingly…
Apr 2008
Author(s): Navajas, Sergio; Pedroza, Paola A.; Bate, Peter
This note summarizes the results of a recently completed IDB survey of microfinance in the region. The survey includes information on microfinance activities in 25 countries as well as an initial…
Nov 2006
Author(s): Navajas, Sergio; Tejerina, Luis
This working paper is being published with the sole objective of contributing to the debate of a topic of importance to the region, and to elicit comments and suggestions from interested parties.
Feb 2004
Author(s): Reis, José Guilherme A.; Valadares, Sílvia M.
Este trabalho analisa alguns dos principais obstáculos ao desenvolvimento do sistema financeiro brasileiro, ressaltando as medidas implementadas recentemente e indicando propostas para dar…
Nov 2001
Author(s): Andersen, Torben
The report makes a general assessment of the need for catastrophe risk transfer in Latin America and the Caribbean. It analyzes different ways in which risk transfer can take place in the form of…