Dec 2015
Author(s): Araujo, María Caridad; Carneiro, Pedro; Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu; Schady, Norbert
We assigned two cohorts of kindergarten students, totaling more than 24,000 children, to teachers within schools with a rule that is as-good-as-random. We collected data on children at the beginning…
Apr 2010
Author(s): Durante, Juan José; Focke, Kurt S.; Collich, Guillermo J.; Marcel, Mario; Andersen, Torben
The Latin American and Caribbean region is highly exposed to natural disasters. The social and economic impact of these events has been historically very significant and it is showing an increasingly…
Aug 2004
Author(s): Ribadeneira, Santiago
Presentación del Banco Solidario que da a conocer su misión y visión. Presenta datos sobre los costos y ahorros de los emigrantes, crédito y venta de viviendas.
May 2004
Author(s): Guimarães, Ivan Gonçalves
Remessas como uma ferramenta de desenvolvimento no desenvolvimento econômico.
Nov 2001
Author(s): Andersen, Torben
The report makes a general assessment of the need for catastrophe risk transfer in Latin America and the Caribbean. It analyzes different ways in which risk transfer can take place in the form of…