Dec 2010
Author(s): Winters, Paul; Salazar, Lina; Maffioli, Alessandro
The purpose of this guideline is to provide suggestions on designing impact evaluations for agricultural projects, particularly projects that directly target farmers, and seek to improve agricultural…
Oct 2010
Author(s): Balsa, Ana; Gandelman, Néstor; Porzecanski, Rafael
This paper reports the results of a three-month randomized controlled trial to estimate the impact of an Internet and mobile telephone short message service (SMS) intervention on adolescents'…
Aug 2010
Author(s): Winters, Paul; Sitja Rubio, Susana
The purpose of this guideline is to discuss the objectives and approaches of regional (subnational) development programs in order to provide guidance on issues related to evaluating the impact of…
Apr 2010
Author(s): Navia, Patricio; Eyzaguirre, Nicolás; Olivari, Jocelyn; Briones, Ignacio; Benavente, José Miguel; Aninat, Cristóbal
This paper analyzes the political economy of productivity-related policymaking in Chile following a political transaction cost model (Spiller and Tommasi, 2003; Murillo et al., 2008). The main…
Jan 2010
Author(s): Alvarez, Roberto; Benavente, José Miguel; Contreras, Carmen; Contreras, José Luis
Este estudio analiza las características y los resultados de programas para promover consorcios tecnológicos en cuatro economías latinoamericanas: Argentina, Chile, Colombia y Uruguay. Se basa en…
Dec 2009
Author(s): Ibarrarán, Pablo; Neret, Matilde; Toda, Ichiro; Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu; Linares, Ana María; Winters, Paul; Meduña, Patricia; Paris, Angela; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes; Cossens, Shakirah; Rodríguez, César; González, Mario; Díaz, Luis; Di Maro, Vincenzo; Sitja Rubio, Susana
Panorama de la efectividad en el desarrollo 2008-2009 es una herramienta mediante la cual el BID da cuenta de la efectividad de su trabajo. Informa sobre los avances hechos por el Banco en su agenda…
Dec 2009
Author(s): Ellis, Amanda N.; Orlando, María Beatriz; Muñoz Boudet, Ana Maria; Piras, Claudia; Reimao, Maira; Cutura, Jozefina; Frickenstein, Judith; Perez, Ane; de Castro, Orsi
Entrepreneurship contributes to a vibrant private sector and can stimulate broader economic growth. Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have experienced an important growth of…
Dec 2009
Author(s): González, Mario; Maffioli, Alessandro; Salazar, Lina; Winters, Paul
The volume Assessing the Effectiveness of Agricultural Interventions is the Special Topic for the Development Effectiveness Overview 2008-2009. The Special Topic provides an in-depth analysis of what…
Dec 2009
Author(s): Sitja Rubio, Susana; Linares, Ana María; Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu; Meduña, Patricia; Winters, Paul; Toda, Ichiro; Neret, Matilde; Ibarrarán, Pablo; González, Mario; Rodríguez, César; Di Maro, Vincenzo; Díaz, Luis; Cossens, Shakirah; Mateo-Berganza Díaz, María Mercedes
Development Effectiveness Overview 2008-2009 is a tool by which the IDB accounts for the effectiveness of its work. It reports on the progress made in the Development Effectiveness agenda of the Bank.