Jul 2012
Author(s): Puerta, Juan Manuel; Atuesta, Laura; Costas-Perez, Elena; Corrales, Maria Elena; Sekkel, Julia
This evaluation assesses IDB's role in contributing to the coordinated solution of transnational challenges during the period 2000-2011. The evaluation found that the relevance and effectiveness…
Jul 2012
Author(s): Puerta, Juan Manuel; Atuesta, Laura; Costas-Perez, Elena; Corrales, Maria Elena; Sekkel, Julia
El objetivo de la evaluación es valorar la función del BID con respecto a su contribución a la búsqueda de soluciones coordinadas ante desafíos transnacionales durante el período 2000-2011. La…
Dec 2002
Author(s): Devlin, Robert; Estevadeordal, Antoni; Taylor, Alan M.; Venables, Anthony J.; Adserà, Alícia; Boix, Carles; Laird, Sam; Messerlin, Patrick A.; Torrent, Ramón; Cremona, Marise; Mattli, Walter; Jordana, Jacint; Ramió, Carles; Narula, Rajneesh; Evenett, Simon J.
This book analyzes the role of trade as a central pillar of the structural reform process and a bridge to capturing the dynamic development forces of an increasingly globalized world economy.
Dec 2002
Author(s): Adhikari, Ramesh; Negroni, Mirka J.; Leino, Jessica; Rana, P. B.; Nguyen, Tam Robert; Rey de Marulanda, Nohra; Kremer, Michael; Rodríguez, Ennio; Arce M., Daniel G.; Sandler, Todd; Bronfman, Mario; Devlin, Robert; Rufín, Carlos; Sakai, Kazu; Kanbur, Ravi; Kahn, Matthew E.; Weiss, John; Wyplosz, Charles; Jessen, Anneke; Navarro, Juan Carlos; Tungwarara, Ozias; Hunt, Joseph Michael; Estevadeordal, Antoni; Nogueira, Roberto Martínez; Taccone, Juan José; Carnoy, Martin; Kendall, Tamil; Frantz, Brian; Wescott, Clay
This book is based on a conference entitled "Regional Public Goods and Regional Development Assistance", held in Washington, D.C. on November 6-7, 2002. It examines how the IDB and the ADB…
Sep 2002
Author(s): Devlin, Robert; Castro, Lucio
The 1990s witnessed the parallel forces of globalization and regionalization strongly at work. While seemingly contradictory, they are in fact complementary aspects of market development. This paper…
Jul 2001
Author(s): Estevadeordal, Antoni; Devlin, Robert
Las fuerzas centrífugas de la globalización económica en los años noventa circularon paralelas con las centrípetas de la regionalización. Aunque aparentemente parecían dirigirse en direcciones…
Apr 2001
Author(s): Estevadeordal, Antoni; Devlin, Robert
The centrifugal forces of economic globalization in the 1990's ran parallel with centripetal forces of regionalization. While seemingly pulling in opposite directions, the two forces reflected…
Nov 2000
Author(s): Devlin, Robert
The FTAA process itself has already generated important positive externalities for the hemisphere and the multilateral system. It has provided a regular forum in which 34 countries'; trade…
Aug 1999
Author(s): Estevadeordal, Antoni; Garay, Luis Jorge; Devlin, Robert
The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) process was launched during the Miami Summit of Heads of State in December 1994. It was the centerpiece of a broader hemispheric initiative of political and…
Nov 1998
Author(s): Devlin, Robert; Ffrench-Davis, Ricardo
The decade of the 1990s has witnessed a wave of regional integration initiatives in Latin America: more than 14 agreements -free trade areas or customs unions- since 1990 with a handful more in…