Oct 2017
Author(s): Beuermann, Diether; Pecha, Camilo; Schmid, Juan Pedro
This study analyzes the effects of exposure to tropical storms and hurricanes during pregnancy on children’s anthropometric measurements taken within the first five years of life. It combines…
Aug 2017
Author(s): Deloitte; Fondo Multilateral de Inversiones
Este informe presenta cinco estrategias que las compañías pueden aplicar para lanzar al mercado soluciones innovadoras y rentables que produzcan un impacto social.
Apr 2017
Author(s): Schady, Norbert; Carneiro, Pedro; Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannu
We study the determinants of math achievement among children in early elementary school using data from a unique experiment. We find steep socioeconomic gradients and a substantial boy-girl gap in…
Jan 2017
Author(s): Multilateral Investment Fund
This Toolkit is intended to provide concrete guidance on how to mainstreamgender throughout the project cycle in Multilateral Investment
Fund (MIF) projects. These tools are suggested for…
Jan 2017
Author(s): Fondo Multilateral de Inversiones
El Toolkit está diseñado para brindar orientación concreta sobre cómo integrarel género a lo largo del ciclo del proyecto en los proyectos del Fondo Multilateral de Inversiones (FOMIN). Estas…