Jun 2016
Author(s): Carballo, Jerónimo; Schaur, Georg; Graziano, Alejandro; Volpe Martincus, Christian
In this paper, we estimate the effects of transit systems that substantiallystreamline administrative processing of trade flows. In so doing, we use a
unique dataset that consists of the…
Mar 2014
Author(s): Carballo, Jerónimo; Graziano, Alejandro; Schaur, Georg; Volpe Martincus, Christian
Time delays in international transactions impose trade costs. We examine transaction level Peruvian import data to show that firms are subject to significant costs of port-of-entry delays. At the…
May 2010
Author(s): Mesquita Moreira, Mauricio; Giordano, Paolo; Estevadeordal, Antoni; Serebrisky, Tomás; Schwartz, Jordan; Sánchez, Ricardo; Stokenberga, Aiga
Presenta recomendaciones para la reducción de las brechas de integración, destinadas a fomentar el diálogo y sentar las bases para promover la infraestructura física y reducir los costos comerciales…
Jul 2009
Author(s): Schwartz, Jordan; Guasch, José Luis; Wilmsmeier, Gordon
Second Meeting of the Finance Minister of the Americas and the Caribbean
Nov 2008
Author(s): Volpe Martincus, Christian; Carballo, Jerónimo
Recent studies have shown that developing countries might have significantly better export performance if they were able to increase the duration of their trade relationships. Evidence on duration of…