Nov 2010
Author(s): Kamiya, Marco; Arevalo, Gregorio; Casaburi, Gabriel; Chrisney, Martin D.; Pietrobelli, Carlo; Stevenson, Claudia
This presentation addresses the Inter-American Development Bank's approach to cluster projects in Latin America and the Caribbean, and presents lessons learned and challenges.
Mar 2002
Author(s): Ashton, Weslynne; Ehrenfeld, John R.; Luque, Andrés
This report reviews of a set of international programs promoting Cleaner Production (CP) to aid MIF and similar donor agencies in structuring cluster programs with SMEs in Latin America aimed at…
Dec 2001
Author(s): Ashton, Weslynne; Luque, Andrés; Ehrenfeld, John R.
This annex contains specific examples of cleaner production (CP) strategies for smaller enterprises including regional overviews of Latin America, Asia and Europe. It contains best practices from:…