Sep 2010
Author(s): Focke, Kurt S.
This presentation discusses the strengths and challenges of the Caribbean financial sector and addresses global financial reform and its implications.
Jul 2010
Author(s): Giuliano, Fernando; Sandleris, Guido
This report updates data on gross public debt for countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region up to December 2009. The data in this report were collected from a questionnaire sent to the LAC…
May 2010
Author(s): Guerrero, Rosa Matilde; Focke, Kurt S.; Rossini, Florencia
En los últimos años, varios países de América Latina han optado por fortalecer los componentes de la red de seguridad financiera con el objeto de preservar sus sistemas financieros. En este contexto…
Apr 2010
Author(s): Durante, Juan José; Focke, Kurt S.; Collich, Guillermo J.; Marcel, Mario; Andersen, Torben
The Latin American and Caribbean region is highly exposed to natural disasters. The social and economic impact of these events has been historically very significant and it is showing an increasingly…
Mar 2010
Author(s): Giuliano, Fernando; Sandleris, Guido
This paper addresses the solvency of the public sector in Latin American economies. In particular, it analyzes the standardized public debt statistics for the these economies that have been compiled…