Sep 2000
Author(s): Székely, Miguel; Birdsall, Nancy; Behrman, Jere R.
This paper develops and applies a new approach to the estimation of the impact of economy-wide reforms on wage differentials, using a new high-quality data set on wage differentials by schooling…
May 2000
Author(s): Rosales, Ramón
Presentación que contiene información acerca del microcrédito. Asimismo, da a conocer aspectos importantes para desarrollar un marco legal y de supervisión del microcrédito.
Dec 1999
Author(s): Tomiak, Richard; Millán, Jaime
The objective of this paper is to assesses the Central American power sector reforms and suggest an integrated framework for promoting sustainability of electricity sector reform in the six countries…
Dec 1999
Author(s): Knaul, Felicia Marie; Murrugarra, Edmundo; Hernández Alvarez, Carlos; Cortez, Rafael; Savedoff, William D.; Espinosa Ferrando, Jaime; Ribero Medina, Rocío; Valdivia, Martín; Schultz, T. Paul; Núñez, Jairo; Parker, Susan W.
Common sense suggests that healthier people are more productive and wealthier people can obtain things that make them healthier. This book asks whether investments in health also affect productivity…